Manage Workforce from inception to completion by Contract Labour Management System

DESCRIPTION:- The Contract Labour Management is to get the right number of people and the right workers, in the right place at the right time, doing the right tasks. KEYWORDS:-

Is there any need for smart solutions in your organization?

DESCRIPTION:-Easy management of employee scheduling, absence management, Shift roster,Shift assigns, compliance management. Radical LabourPro is One stop solution for all challenges in industries. Keywords:- Workforce management, Compliance management system, Contract

Seven Reasons To Adopt An Automatic Attendance System For School

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The Best Security Technology Innovations is Biometric Systems

Biometric sensor security systems are safer and authentic, adopting in various segments around the globe.Biometric device is a cutting-edge technology, which eradicates various security-related issues fromdifferent domains. The constant downfall

How RFID Automatic School Attendance System Is Securing Our Kids?

DESCRIPTION: Automatic Student Attendance System ı RFID Biometric Fingerprint Recording System  School Auto Attendance Management Program ı Time & Attendance Software. KEYWORDS: Automatic Student Attendance Management System, RFID Biometric Fingerprint

Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) A New Face of Workforce Management

DESCRIPTION:  Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) is a Web-based System to have a better check and control over the contractors and the contract workmen under them.  KEYWORDS:  Workforce Management, Workforce