GP90A 125KHZ Long range RFID reader

GP90A is a broadened run proximity reader including smaller measurements and read the scope of up to 90 cm. RFID GP90A reader is weatherproof, have hand-off control and is especially suited to get to control, auto stopping and through-divider reading applications.

Application: –
Access Controls
Car Parking Systems
Through-wall Reading Application
Personal Identification
Any Long Range reading Applications
Hand Free Applications

Product Description

The GP-90-A is a long-extend reader recognizing 125 kHz RFID transponders (EM innovation) from up to 90 cm distance. Its tremendous range brings about an immense number of conceivable applications, for example, personal identification, ¬access control or automatic time clocks in enterprises. This fundamental unit can be designed to yield the vast majority of the normal interface groups, including Wiegand, Magstripe and RS-232 serial ASCII and RS485 yield, making it simple to overhaul the existing installations.


  • Extra-long reading range of up to 90 cm with ISO-size passive RFID cards*, over 100 cm with special “thick” passive cards
  • High-precision auto tuning circuitry compensates for environmental changes and presence of metal objects
  • Bright LED indicators, tuning LED bar
  • Four user-selectable interfaces: Magstripe, Wiegand, RS232 and RS485
  • Internal relay and serial port commands to control it
  • Firmware upgradeable in the field
  • Attractive and waterproof housing design
  • High-quality power supply with noise filter included
Electrical Power :Power supply input voltage AC120
Output voltage Interface : DC 18~19.2V / 1.5A (Max)
Wiegand : 26 bits
MSR ABA Track2 : ISO, ABA TK2 emulation
RS232 :Serial ASCII, 9600, N, 8, 1 ( Relay control ) RS485 or Special Customized Specification
Interface Cable - 90 cm
Read Range :Up to 90 cm at 18~19Vdc with ISO card in ideal conditions or up to 130cm with special clamshell card
Frequency:125KHz, ASK
Format: 64 bits, Manchester coding
Transponder : Read only
Chip type : EM H4001 / H4002 compatible
ID code : 10 digits in Hex ; 125KHz, ASK ; 64 bits , Manchester coding
Rate timing : MOD 64 (64 clock per bit)
Audio / Visual indication :Internal LED and Buzzer


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