Proximity 125Khz LF Thick

  • Offers universal compatibility with proximity card readers.
  • Can be formatted and programmed with an external number for easy identification and control.
  • Meets ISO standards for thickness.
  • Accepts either a horizontal or vertical slot punch.
  • Strong, flexible and resistant to cracking and breaking.

Product Description

Low-frequency smart cards are predominantly used in identification and access control applications. LF cards have lower read range and communication speeds than other contactless smart card types and the most common chips offer low-cost and low-security solutions where a simple UID or identification key is required. Due to the shape of their waves, LF cards are less affected by other radio signals and materials in the environment such as water or metal which makes them a reliable choice for industrial environments.


  • Ticketing & monetary transactions
  • Access control System/time attendance
  • Patrol system
  • Loyalty system for promotion
  • Parking meters
  • e-Payment
  • Mobile payment, PayPal, Google Wallet, Ticketing, Boarding pass, Point of Sale, Coupons etc
Size :54 mm * 85 mm * 1.8mm
Construction : High-quality PVC, Graphics Quality
Color : White, Gloss
Technology : Contactless LF (Low Frequency) Proximity Card
Frequency:125 KHz
Read Range : 2" – 5"
Compliance: ISO/IEC 7810, ISO/IEC 14443


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