Realtime T5

biometric attendance machine like the Realtime T5 is an excellent option irrespective of the kind of work your organization does. The Real-time T5 makes use of technologies like access card scans, pin code entry and fingerprint recognition. This allows you to prevent time wastage and proxy attendance issues.  This product can be used in conjunction with CCTVs for a complete monitoring system setup.

Product Description

At the point when countless are included, security is absolutely critical whether it is a corporate office or a distribution center. A biometric attendance machine like T5 is a superb alternative regardless of the sort of work your association does. It helps to screen the passage and way out times of representatives and guests furthermore empowers to make checkpoints to deny or allow access. Notwithstanding one unit at the passageway to your association, you can have one put on each floor or even at the entryway for specific rooms if necessary. A programmed machine not just permits to watch comings and goings, additionally is very useful as it permits to track attendance and in this way improve the finance framework.

Authentication Methods :Fingerprint, Password, EM Card (Optional)
Fingerprint Verification Mode : 1:1, 1:N
Fingerprint Sensor Area :16 x 14 (mm)
Verification Speed : ≤0.6s
Max. Fingerprint Records :1,000
Max. Attendance Records : 100,000
Display :2.8” TFT True Color LCD 320 x 240 Pixels
Attendance Management :Yes (Built-in Automatic Reporting System)
Interface : USB Disk
Attendance Record Check :Press OK Button for Checking
Time Bell : Yes
Operating Temperature : -10°C - +60°C
Dimensions : L158 x W130 x H25 (mm)
Power Supply :DC5V
Operation :Offline
Excel :Direct reporting in excel


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