The device is available in nice colorful and attractive designs that your kids will love to carry with themselves. It’s incredible that this little device can listen to 4-7 satellites, and send its position, speed, and direction through the GSM network directly to your web application.

Product Description

This Kids Tracing device is a GPS+GPRS+GSM embedded wireless internet communication positioning system. The tracking device is technically sound and has a great net coverage, which almost never lets you out of connectivity. It has excellent Global satellite coverage with an amazing accuracy, with the help of its built in high sensitive antenna, in over 30 countries. This device automatically develops a sense of security in the minds of people using it for their children. Unlike children, it can also be used on pets to keep track over them from getting lost in a totally new neighborhood.

The device being very small and can be carried in pockets if kids hesitate or feel constrict wearing it around their necks.

Locate from anywhere:

  • RG016 is one of the smallest GPS-locator products on the market, in both size and weight
  • Rechargeable Battery :

  • Battery last 1 day on an average with a single charge, you receive an alert when your Device is low on battery.
  • Smart Technology :

  • The most technologically advanced GPS locator with sensors that just wait for future inventions. It even updates itself while charging.
  • Family Number :

  • Setting device family number in the platform, the device will automatically update when the platform finish the setting
  • A sturdy device :

  • This is the most technologically advanced personal GPS locator with fantastic accuracy.
  • Speed Alerts :

  • This device also tracks speed. Set a speed limit and you will be alerted if the device exceeds that speed
  • View History :

  • Replay of device track, it is available to select the date and time of reply in recent 7 days locationg date
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