RG 200

RG200 GPS tracker device will provide you high-quality GPS tracking service based on an exceptional technology and standards. It combines GSM+GPRS+GPS wireless communication technology, with AGPS function the device can easily achieve extreme fast positioning.

Product Description

RG200 Vehicle GPS Tracker is a practical and easy-to-use GPS tracker specially designed for vehicle tracking.
Fleet Management – Track your fleet easily. View up to 15,000 units on a single map.
Investigators and Law Enforcement – Get the real-time location evidence you need.
Vehicle Owners – Use for vehicle theft and recovery efforts.


No Battery Life Concerns – The unit is hardwired to your vehicle’s battery.

10 Second Location Updates – The FASTEST location updates.

Web-Based Tracking – No software to install, view location data from any web browser.

Track Up to 15,000 Devices on a Single Account – Perfect for fleet management.

Extremely Accurate – Utilizes GPS and GSM Cell Towers for super accurate location data.

Detailed Reporting – View, Save, and Print detailed driving data – up to 90 days history.

Geo-fence –  Restrict vehicle’s movement within a district by setting up the geofence. The device will send the message to the authorized number automatically when it’s IN/OUT of the fence.

ACC Detection – Update and report the vehicle’s status quickly and accurately.

Playback – History of the past 60 days will be preserved. And you can check the speed, direction, time, etc.

Tele-cut Off (petrol/electricity– Send command through SMS or tracking website to cut off the electricity/petrol connection of the vehicle, leaving the illegal user hopeless.

Save data up to 90 days – View the past three months driving history if necessary.

Dimension:86.6(L) x 44(W) x 13.6(H) mm
Operation Temperature:-20℃ - 70℃
Operation Voltage: 9 – 36V DC
Humidity: 20% - 80%
GSM Frequencies : 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPRS: Class 12
GPS Sensitivity -159dBm
Acquisition Sensitivity -144dBm
Position Accuracy: 05m
GSM/GPS Antenna:Built-in design
LED Indicator: GSM-green, GPS-blue, Power-red
Data Transmit: TCP, SMS
Non-movement Detection: Movement alarm based on built-in 3D motion sensor
Mileage Report: Track by time/distance interval


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