Livestock Identification & Tracking through RFID

Livestock Identification & Tracking through RFID

As the world of animal business becomes global, the task of tracking and managing animals becomes more critical and increasingly challenging. RFID enables superior solutions for animal identification – independent of the field of application and the size of the animal. RFID inlays for ear tags are widely used to support convenient, reliable, and cost-effective livestock identification and tracking.

Why Track Animals with RFID?

The choice to tag animals with RFID can be a business decision as well as a personal one. Tagging livestock with RFID is an important tool for identifying every animal in a farmer’s arsenal. An LF reader scans the animal during veterinary visits or inventory counts, and with the help of software, uploads vital information on each animal to a database.

New equipment and software are available that are built on the basis of LF RFID identification but provide new data and options. These new livestock tracking RFID systems use UHF RFID and GPS to follow the movement of animals to identify feeding and travel habits and even to monitor heart rate.

One more important reason to tag animals using RFID is to manage exotic and endangered animals in preserves or other wildlife habitats. LF RFID, UHF RFID, and GPS systems are all used in animal management. The particular system selected usually depends on the information needed and the safety of the animal.

What are RFID Animal tags?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are electronic devices, stamped with an exceptional number, that identifies animals. Depending on the model of the RFID Livestock tag, the ID number can be read by an electronic reading device. They are tamper-proof and the electronic chip is sealed within a rigid, durable plastic case, usually shaped like a disc, strip or flag.

RFID Animal Management is a handy tool when it comes to animal management. It fills many purposes for ensuring food safety to wildlife conservation and tracking laboratory animals.

RFID Animal identification has both visual and management benefits. You can more easily determine and track the animal history, birth date, genetics, and performance of the animals. The continuous requirement for improvement in management and production practices contributes to the use of electronic RFID ear tags and SRK Innovation provides that at an attractive price point.

Regardless of Whether you’re looking to track countless livestock or keep tabs on a pet, RFID can assist you to accomplish your animal identification goals. By tagging animals and using Low Frequency (LF) RFID systems, tags can be read to identify each animal’s owner data, pedigree, and medical information.

How are RFID Livestock Tags Used?

The two discs that make up the tag are attached to the animal’s ear using a basic applicator tool that joins them together through the ear. The process is like piercing a human ear with an earring. A unique number is assigned and read using radio frequency technology. When using a reader, livestock can be identified immediately. Our excellent quality RFID ear tags are highly recommended for animals like cattle, goats, sheep, cows, pigs, buffalo, and various other animals.

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