RG-1503 wireless CCD Barcode Scanner


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  • Frequency:- 433 MHZ
  • With delicate design
  • Scanning guns on the base can be charged, very convenient
  • Handle and the base has soft rubber protection with an internal reinforcement structure makes it drop greatly enhance the performance
  • Is unmatched by common wireless gun
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10 in stock

RG-1503 wireless CCD Barcode Scanner:  With delicate design, gun epicranium, handle and the base has soft rubber protection with internal reinforcement structure makes this Barcode Reader drop greatly enhance the performance, is unmatched by common wireless gun; Interior is equipped with the large capacity of the battery, it is 1.5 times that of ordinary wireless gun effective safeguard for one-time charge users for longer periods of time more durable; Base rechargeable, scanning guns on the base can be charged, very convenient.

Super transmission distance, the empty place is 400 meters (indoor according to different structures generally 50-400 meters), the super memory, can store 10-300000 messages; Powerful matching function: supports one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, a receiver can support 255 scanners have to work at the same time.

One can support 4080 scanners that have to work at the same time; Intelligent data upload, upload the latest data, and other functions.  Zero power consumption standby technology, effective guarantee a rechargeable battery standby time is longer, prolong the service life of products.

Storage function: Beyond the effective communication distance or by other signal interference, the scanner will automatically store the barcode scanning, data is not lost the effective protection of reading by the barcode can be stored (10-300000 barcode information).

Standby: When the scanner does not use, after 20 seconds will automatically go into standby mode.

Charging: Insert the charging cable crystal head seat charger base interface, USB charging connected computers, start charging, the cover of LED lights for red, said it was charging when the red light is put out that batteries.

Product Information
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Brand Name
Product Name
RG-1503 wireless CCD Barcode Scanner
Optical Source 650nm Visible red light diode
Imging Sensor Linear Imaging Sensor (CCD)
Image Resolution 2500 Pixel
Memory capacity Can store 100,000-300,000 pieces barcodes
Frequency 433 MHZ
Trigger Mode Manual
Scanning Mode Single-line scanning
Scanning speed 280±2 times /s
Scan Precision ≥5mil
Depth of field 5mm-450mm
Scanning angle ±60°±65°±42° (Left and right, front and back, rotation)
Battery Capacity 600mah
Decoding capacity UPC/EAN/JAN, UPC/EAN with Supplemental, UCC/EAN 128, Code 39, MSI, Code11, Code 39 Full ASCII, Code 39 TriOptic, Code 128, Code 128 Full ASCII Codabar, Code93, Discrete2of5, IATA, RSS variants, Codabar, Chinese2of5, International general dimensional barcodes, e.g. Inteleaved2/5, Interleaved2of5 and China postal service code
Input voltage 5VDC±0.25V
Power 250mW (Work): 325mW (momentary maximum)
Current 90mA (Work): 150mA (momentary maximum)
Standby current <68Ma
Transfer cable interface USB (standard): PS/2 and RS232 are selectable.
Dimensions L×W×H: 210mm × 84mm × 117.5mm
Weight 320g (excluding cables)
Cable standard Straight line,1m
Interface type RJ-45 crystal head
Outside material ABS+PC
Temperature 0 to 50 (Work): -40 to 60 (storage)
Safety Regulations EMC: EN55022,EN55024
  Electrical safety: EN60950-1
  Packaging level: Ip52
  Anti-knock capacity: This product can still work properly after falling down and being impacted on the concrete floor from the height of 3m for many times.
Product Information
Aggregate Rating
5 based on 2 votes
Brand Name
Product Name
RG-1503 wireless CCD Barcode Scanner

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