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Cattle Ear Tag


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  • Operational Frequency : 134.2KHz
  • Diameter : 30.4 mm
  • Resistant to continuous exposure to motor oil for 2 hours
  • Additionally, abrasion-resistant against HCL and IPA
  • Animal Ear Tag, Cattle Ear Tag, Sheep Mini Ear Tag, Visual Ear Tag
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5000 in stock

Cattle Ear Tag is ICAR approved tag and ideal for identification, tracking, and health, history & nutrition management of cattle. It is made with special TPU material and is over-molded making it more robust and durable in an outdoor environment. It can be reusable or tamper-proof depending on the application. It is available with different chips and memory sizes including FDX and HDX animal modes and can be.

Using Cattle tags has many advantages:
  1. It offers another form of identification for each animal. Sometimes visual tags get lost, become snagged on a fence, etc, whereas cattle tags are small and are designed for high retention rates.
  2. An animal can more quickly be identified in the chute (by scanning the tag with a reader) rather than needing to have the animal be completely still to read a visual tag or tattoo number.
  3. Scanning these tags, instead of manually writing down an ear tag number, offers tremendous time-saving benefits while minimizing errors. As cattle are being worked or loaded into a trailer, their EID tag can be scanned while they are on the move.
Product Information
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Product Name
Cattle Ear RFID

Electrical Specification

Air Interface Protocol ISO/IEC 11784/85, Animal Mode, HDX
Operational Frequency 134.2KHz
Chip** SIC 279 HDX
R/W user data memory of 6×32 ( 192 bits ) for database


192 Bits, Extended Read Range HDX

  • Supporting user access to factory unique ROM (UID), preventing chips from cloning
  • Direct Access/Write mode
  • Read-only Animal ID section when no command received
  • Read/Write or OTP configuration

Physical / Mechanical Specification

Model Close Cap Open Cap
Diameter 30.4 mm 30.4 mm
Height 15.50 mm 12 mm
Weight 7.2 gm 7 gm
Encasement TPU
Quality Assurance 100% read tested
Color** Yellow

Environmental Resistance

Operating temperature -40°C to +80°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +80°C
Ingress protection rating IP67
Attachment*** Male pin by applicator
Expected Lifetime Years in normal operating


Additional Services

Pre-encoding On request
Customization*** Logo / text printing on request

Order Information

Part No. Description
L46224A With SIC 279 HDX, Open Cap
L462131 With EM 4305 chip, Open Cap
L462055 With HitagS 256, Open Cap
L462219 With Hitag Micro, Open Cap
Product Information
Aggregate Rating
5 based on 6 votes
Product Name
Cattle Ear RFID

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