TS1200 Tripod Turnstile


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  • Dual-lane tripod turnstile
  • Anti-tailgate
  • Flexible reader installation plate
  • Specially designed case shape
  • SUS304 stainless steel
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10 in stock

TS1200 is a Dual-lane Tripod Turnstile series designed for smooth and silent operation and draws very little power. It’s made of stainless steel which makes TS1200 highly durable. TS1200 is also surprisingly compact and designed to operate in small workspaces.

TS1200 tripod arms are normally held in a locked position, thus denying access to the secured side. Upon TS1200’s reader (RFID and/or fingerprint) positively recognizing a user’s valid access card or fingerprint, its tripod arms unlock, thus allowing users passage to the secured side. Option for built-in REX button allows users to conveniently exit the secured side without needing to use their access card or fingerprint.

The TS1200 series, our stainless steel compact version, offers high operating reliability in a small casework, ideal for sites where space is an issue. The TS1200 series has two passage channels in one casework; it is cost-effective for the application.

On receiving a signal from the access control system, or push button, it allows the passage of one person at a time. The passage in both directions is electronically controlled. The default mode is to lock the mechanism until a valid authorization signal is received. If you want to set one side free, you can have it by adjusting the mechanism. In case of emergency, the horizontal arm will drop to allow free passage.


Product Information
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Product Name
TS1200 Tripod Turnstile
Power requirements AC 100 ~ 120V/200 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Starting 82W
Standby 29W
Unlock 76W
Working temperature -26 °C – 60 °C
Working humidity 5%-80%
Working environment Indoor/Outdoor(if sheltered)
Speed of throughput RFID Maximum 30/minute
Fingerprint Maximum 25/minute
Lane width(mm) 520
Footprint(mm*mm) 600*1370
Dimension(mm) L=600, W=330, H=990
Dimension with packing(mm) L=730, W=450, H=1080
Net weight(kg) 55
Weight with packing(kg) 63
LED indicator Yes
Cabinet material SUS304 Stainless Steel
Lid material SUS304 Stainless Steel
Barrier material SUS304 Stainless Steel
Barrier movement Rotating
Emergency mode 0
Security level Medium
MCBF 1 million
Options/Accessories Counter, SUS316 Cabinet and Lid, Remote Control
Product Information
Aggregate Rating
no rating based on 0 votes
Product Name
TS1200 Tripod Turnstile

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