The outbreak of COVID-19 and its spread across countries & recent updates from Maharashtra & Kerala and all other states of India is a key area of concern for our government, WHO, and all other medical agencies. Over 132 Billion Indians are concerned about the coronavirus outbreak now. Safety is human life’s most important factor in this scenario. As a measure of precaution against COVID-19, we all are following the guidelines very seriously.

But in this Critical situation, there are some people who are still on their Duty. There as well as other citizens out there, body temperature must be checked each time they enter the Hospitals, Society, Offices, Banks, Metro station, Apartment, etc. As you know, there are hundreds of them from time to time. How is it impossible to detect the fever within just 1 second?

Along with the face mask, the non-contact infrared device has become the iconic design object of the coronavirus epidemic. The infrared thermometers are used to detect the body temperature in case of fever, one of the symptoms of coronavirus. However, this is not a 100% accurate way of detecting COVID-19 cases. While the advantage of using an infrared thermometer is its ‘no contact’ process, the temperature can get affected by various factors such as wind and water. The tool can measure someone’s surface temperature without needing to touch them, thus eliminating contamination risk, at least in theory.


We are following developments around the coronavirus closely and making sure we do everything to support our community, our city, our state, our nation, and Mother Earth. We will continue to fight this issue as ONE and work towards ensuring the safety and security. Please make sure to protect yourself against this COVID19 because PRECAUTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE.