Traditional barcode Vs. Modern RFID

Traditional Barcode Vs. Modern RFID

Major differences in the characteristics between the traditional bar code and the modern RFID include business process automation and data quality. In the traditional bar code process, the data are manually collected due to the inconsistency of bar code size, the location of bar code on the box, and the size and shape of box store items. The operator has to work hard on scanning every bar code symbol and counting every item. In contrast with RFID, the data are rapidly and automatically captured through the RFID readers and tags with less labor usage and less operation time. Furthermore, the RFID tags are capable of carrying more information compared to bar codes. This greater capacity allows the storing of additional information such as location, history, and destination data. The quality of this data is higher in terms of application into various kinds of enterprise applications, such as real-time goods visibility or goods track and trace systems. It can be observed that RFID process time is less than bar code process by 190 min.