Upgrade to a Smart Canteen Management System at Best Price

Having a canteen in any organization is not a simple thing. Canteen Management System is a system which comes directly in contact with each employee of the company because food is the most important part of Human Life. As an employee, we always want that if we go to the Cafeteria we should not wait in the queue for our turn to come. To handle such a large number of employees at a single point of time is a tedious process for any canteen.  So having a fast, secure and easy food ordering system will be an advantage for any organization with a large number of the workforce or even small numbers also. 
In large organizations, where outnumbered workers work day and night, the canteen inventory management system should work in such a way that there should be very little wastage of food. For a canteen that is open 24×7, it is hard to maintain the food inventory, user details, transaction details, the coupon used, multiple users, guest management, etc. They need a centralized canteen management system that promotes efficient operations to cover a large organizational workforce.

Here, we are introducing our self-designed and developed Canteen management system software CanteenPro to address all such problems.  This solution is best suited for any Industry, Schools, Colleges, Government organizations, Hotels & Resorts. Canteen inventory management system software by Radical Global, ensure the ease of operations and embedded with lots of features. Different menus can be planned and scheduled for breakfast, lunch, dinner, special days, special events and various occasions. This will also reduce the wastage of food and help inventory management. The canteen will never go out of stock for any food item. Advance information on the usage of the canteen facilities by the employees, staffs or guests, enables canteen staff to plan something special. A very important feature of our CMS solution is Cashless transactions. There is no need to carry money within the premises, as we have given the facility of various modes of identification like – Biometric (Fingerprint), RFID card, password authentication or pin authentication. So GO CASHLESS. 😊  For any canteen where a number of people used to have their meal at different times of the day, it is very important to have records of every activity. We made it simple to track, maintain and manage various reports of canteen’s daily, weekly, monthly consumption. We also made it possible to have if any company or industry wants any special or customized report. 

The in-house developed software of CMS makes it more compatible to be used with various hardware which is:  

LP400 Canteen Management System: A fingerprint Time and Attendance System which can be integrated with the printer helps in cost saving.

Face Canteen Management System: Authentication by Face, Fingerprint or RFID card. Avoid Misuse of coupons. Support up to 10 Time Zones / Slots.

Finger Canteen Management System: Best for coupon management, reduces wastage of food, reconciliation of used & consumed material. Smart Canteen System available with multiple options.

mTerminal 100 IRIS & FPBiometric POS Machine: It is equipped with a classy Remote Management Application so that the Administrator has access to all the device activity in online real-time mode.

Organizations are free to choose any hardware as per their choice, requirement, and surroundings. If you want to increase the profit of your organization, you are just a Call Away from the best Canteen Management System ( CMS). However, if there is a particular requirement you are searching for, but can’t find, contact us

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