Visitor Management System for Every Office

The security requirements of large organizations and infrastructure are challenging and growing increasingly. Furthermore, manual entry only adds to the challenge, leading to an error prone database. Hence, the manual entry of visitors must be replaced with an automated system. 


  • How many visitors are present in office right now?
  • How many visited yesterday?
  • What about on April 12, 2018?
  • How many of the names are actually readable?
  • How many visitors forgot to mention the arrival time or sign out time?
  • Was the sign-in or sign-out time they wrote down accurate?
  • Did they write down the right employee’s name who they met with?

These simple scenarios take place every day in offices worldwide. And they illustrate the need for visitor management.

The first step toward getting the right visitor management system is identifying your needs.

Automated visitor management systems lend a more professional appearance to check in systems, enhance security and meet compliance mandates for the collection and auditing of visitor data.

VisitorPro is a cloud & mobile based visitor management system that helps modern workplaces “smart-manage” physical access of employees, visitors, vendors & events in a seamless, secure & hassle free manner. It allows organisations to check-in/out and sends intuitive invitations to visitors on their mobile phones through a mobile, tablet or desktop app.

VisitorPro completely eliminates logbooks, ID scans or the need for phone calls. With each invite smartphone a visitor receives an authorization code, GPS location, parking instructions and other customizable instructions like Wi-Fi Passwords, assigned meeting rooms & safety instructions. Visitors, vendors & employees can check-in within seconds & the organisation receives real-time information and analytics making the office a safer environment. The convenience and experience leaves a lasting impression on the visitors and helps reinforce the positive attributes of the organisations’ brand, while adding an extra layer of security and efficiency for an organisation. 

We Provide Complete Solution For VISITOR’S MANAGEMENT 

Complete Package Includes

Visitor’s SignIn Terminal + SIM card (1 year validity with Internet) + 5000 SMSs + Software Application with Multiple Users

The proposed solution by SRK Innovations will support the key benefits, which is as listed below:


Build the Right Brand Image

More professional appearance

Hassle-free Visitor Registration Process

Real time visitor tracking

Maximizes your front desk’s efficiency

Control Visitor Access in Sensitive Areas

Informative Visitors Reports

Complete customizability


Branded & Customizable: Greet your guests and visitors with a branded check-in screen showcasing logo, chosen theme, and color.

Easy To Deploy: Our visitor management software system can be set up quickly and centrally managed from a powerful admin panel.

Custom Features: We are open to add new features, device support, and integrations as per specific requirements.

Multiple Visitor Types: The solution has been thoughtfully designed to work with any visitor type and use case with custom flows.

Save Administrative Costs: Get rid of the painful paper registers, reduce front desk staff requirements and automate the check-in process.

Improved Security: Digital records ensure accurate and quick to access information about all people visiting your office or facility.

Better Visitor Experience: Visitors get a much better first interaction with smarter technology, privacy, and greetings by the hosts.

Dedicated Team: A dedicated engagement model for businesses needing a customizable visitor management solution.

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